A branch of dentistry which specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems in alignment of teeth and jaws. Orthodontic treatment involves the design and use of corrective appliances to bring your teeth and jaws into proper alignment.
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Lingual braces are applied to the inside surfaces of the teeth. Many people (especially professionals such as lawyers, doctors and sales representatives) opt for these “hidden” braces. It’s important to discuss this option with an orthodontist as Lingual braces are not applicable to all orthodontic problems.
Lingual braces are attached to the inside or lingual side of the teeth which makes them completely non-visible. Lingual orthodontics is particularly well-suited for adults whose professions keep them in the public eyes.
Lingual braces are designed and fabricated using rapid prototyping technologies. The brackets are made out of a highly durable, dental-gold alloy. The precision wires are designed and bent to your specifications using robotic technology.